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I'm always regular with my period. I had severe PMS symptoms, (worse then usual) but i missed my entire period.

Posted by taradelynn777

I am not on any sort of medicine, birth control or street drug.

I am not pregnant, and my diet/exercise/stress levels/lifestyle has not changed since my last period or at all recently.

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Hmmm . . . if you're sexually active (and I don't mean how aggressive you are in bed but rather that you engage in sexual activity) and don't use any sort of birth control and you've missed an entire period, you might be pregnant.  Which begs the question, how do you know you're not pregnant?  Without being judgmental, I'm still glad to hear you're not taking any street drugs since these can have unintended health effects.  You're right that diet, exercise, stress & lifestyle can affect menstrual regularity.  However, depending upon your age, your menses might still be irregular as you wait for your hypothalamic-pituitary axis to mature.  One last thought, birth control pills can be used to regular your periods and thus minimize your PMS symptoms.  Hope this helps!
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