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I'm 55,no menses for a decade, was done w hot flashes.Now in "post-menopausal puberty" w. menses x 18mos. What's up??

Posted by RWR

Normal endometrial US & bx 1 yr ago.Normal: colonoscopy,pelvic exam,metabolic profile, diabetes screen, weight, gyn hx. No HRT. Onset April 08 w weaning off morphine; menses presumed dt physical stress; but that's old hx now.(Morphine x 8yrs was for bilary pain of SODIII. DC'd when improved.) Normal gyn lap '98: done after year of ovarian bleed/pain w menses. Sonos showed ovary bleeding, no endometriosis on lap & normal gyn hx w 3 births. Rx'd OC QD to supress menses '98 (age 44), DC'd OC's 5-6 yrs later, no menses-until 4/08.These are normal monthly periods for a year and a half, after a decade w/o periods,... w breast tenderness, libido increased w onset, etc. Menses decreased to 1 day in July + Aug '09. Then hot flashes, etc. in Aug, Sept, less in Oct & normal period again now. I'll have an US & pap in 3 wks.I presume my estrogen output increased & is good for my osteopenic bones, but am a lil concerned about cause. Any ideas, suggestions, concerns, tests, advice?Thanks! (I'm also a celiac, gluten free diet since dx 4-5 yrs ago with chronic GI probs: SODIII, IBS,GERD,etc-stable & 5'10/130lbs). RWR
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