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I'm 3months and 11days late and got. brown spotting every week and negative HPT. what must I do?

Posted by metsi

im 21 and have always had a normal 28-30 days cycle. on 11/11/12 i had my period which was a bit light than usuall and lasted longer than other days. me and my boyfriend were having un protected sex because we both went and got tested and a baby wasnt an issue. 3weeks after my periods i had cramps and some spotting and wen i skipped my periods in december i took a hpt and it came back negative. in jan i had the pregnancy symptoms, the morning sickness, light cramps,mood swings,tender swollen breast and still no periods.but something thats stressing me now is everytime my period is due i have some brown spotting that lasts 2-3 days and now every sunday i hav the same spotting. i went to my doctor and he thinks its all in my head and that missing my periods for three months is normal even suggested i should take birth control pills and my periods will come back. im stressed coz im spotting, i go the toilet every 30minits, i got cramps and a damn negative hpt. oh ive done a diabetes, std, uti tests and all came back negative. im trying not stress but im fustrated and dont know what to do? help pls 
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