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I haven't written lately - I've been in therapy

Posted Oct 20 2008 10:35pm
Knew that would get your attention. But yes, I haven’t written all weekend because I was in self imposed therapy. I worked in my yard/garden all weekend and loved it and have the achy back to prove it! Last spring I did very little in my yard and regretted it both because the yard did not look its best and two because I love spending time digging and planting and replanting, it is my therapy for my mind. But this spring, with a weekend that was just right, sun shine and temperatures in the 70’s, I decided I was due some mental and physical therapy. It was a great weekend to work in the yard.

Sure I could have done a lot of other things, i.e., write in my blog, work on the site. But I needed the time in my yard and my yard needed me to spend time on it. I don’t know what it is about working in my yard. My mind does not think of all the demands of my day job or issues around the house, it is just my way of creating and escaping. As I replanted some perennials and created a new landscape in one section of my yard, I thought, wow, this is like putting together a still life setting. I want it to look just so. I want this to be a certain theme as I pull up my drive and view the landscape. I love creating in this way. Our yard is one acre and a great deal of flowerbeds of different sizes and variety. Some sun, little sun, lot of sun, we have it all in varying degrees and it is fun to plant and transplant flowers etc to create and improve the looks of the yard.

When I was kid I loved to sew. I made all my clothes. This was an escape for me and very relaxing. I had so many people say to me, how can you do that, sewing is so stressful. Not me, it took my mind off everything but creating something new and exciting. Just like gardening is to me now. It takes my mind off everything. Well, except for that time I had a run in with a manager at work, I came home trimmed some bushes, and before I realized what I had done, I had cut it down to something almost unrecognizable. That bush was that managers blipping head! Well, like I said, yard work is my therapy and it sure made me feel better cutting him down to size!
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