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I have:swollen gland left side of neck, really bad body aches and the skin on my back has been tender like after sunburn. Help!

Posted by cindywny

Weird symptoms , maybe I need Dr. House! My skin feels very sensitive on my back as if it was exposed to a lot of sun but it hasn't. I can't stand to be touched there. My gland on the left (my left) side of my neck has been a little swollen but when I touch it, I have considerable pain. I also have bad body aches but not as if from a cold/flu. It's as if I was beaten all over or worked out my entire body for hours and hours. Body aches have been for about 3 days and the gland as well. The skin on my back has been for about 2 days. Does any of this sound as if it is tied to one problem? I don't have other cold/flu symptoms except I had a fever (not bad, maybe like 101) last night only. Please help and thank you so much for your valuable time!
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