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I have some breakthrough bleeding, what causes it?

Posted by Dillon

I have some breakthrough bleeding or I have started my a period a week early. What does that mean?
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It's perfectly normal to have breakthrough bleeding.  And given the number of times this question has been asked on this forum, it's actually a very common occurrence.  Your menses (periods) are controlled by your hormones which in turn can be affected by stress, thyroid & weight (and pregnancy status, of course).  Of these three, stress is the one factor that fluctuates the most and thus is the most likely culprit.  However, taking your birth control pills (hormones) inconsistently can also do this.  So can sudden weight gain or loss as well as changes in thyroid status.  In postmenopausal women (those who haven't had a period in over a year), the return of (postmenopausal) bleeding is a concern and makes us worry about uterine cancer.  It's always a good idea to chat w/your family physician about any changes & concerns you might have regarding your health.  Good luck!
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