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I have pernicious anemia caused by auto-immune intrinsic factor. Who do I see to better manage my B12 injections?

Posted by conk

I have gone to three neurologists, not one of them tested for B12.  I have suffered for about 30 years, most severe the last 10 years.  Everyone kept telling me it looked like MS.  After doing my own research, I asked my primary to test my B12 level.  Sure enough, my myelin sheath has been stripping away from my nerves for many years.  All the numbness and tingling, weakness of legs and arms, painful joints, problems walking, bladder failure and many other symptoms were the result of my body's inability to break down protein and draw out B12.   Who can I go to that will better manage my B12 injections.  We are jumping around from twice a week to once a week to once a month.  My symptoms return within a week of an injection.  Would I go to a Hemotologist?  Thank you,  Con

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