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i have pain down my belly time to time my belly get like ballon

Posted by zebonda

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This could easily be an intestinal reaction of the kind that happens in many different conditions : IBS, celiac, intestinal yeast infections, crones, celiac

 I have this problem myself, and frankly being 'blown up like a balloon'  can be very painful.  I use anticholinergics, watch what I eat. 

I know that some medical professionals (of the M.D. variety) would disagree with this next part, but in my experience and the opinions of the better informed professionals in the field, all these conditions involve 'peptide permeability' of the intestine (known colloquially as 'leaky gut').  What this means is that the wall of your intestine is supposed to let you absorb food.  But sometimes it allows molecules through that are larger than it is supposed to let through.  This is usually paired with a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier (which keeps the various substances in our blood...perhaps things we have inhaled..from effecting our brain).

 As a reaction you can get anything from GI inflammation and/or spasms, to GI allergy symptoms or even problems concentrating.

 The best things I did for this was to take the supplement L-Glutamine, which does wonders for healing the gut.

Now for the annoying part.  There are a lot of serious conditions that can cause GI symptoms.  Just to be certain that there is nothing serious going on, you probably need to get this checked out by a doctor (a gastroenteritologist).

Frankly, no longer eating any junk food (items like heavily processed like pre-prepared frozen meals, fast food, etc), did wonders for me.

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