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I have gotton my menstrual for two weeks now and notiice its very heavy and has a slight odour and am getting cramp and pain in

Posted by sumintra

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Menstrual regularity is often an oxymoron as it's often more irregular than regular.  Your period can be affected by some many different factors, including but not limited to stress, emotions, weight loss/gain, thyroid function, contraception, etc.  The color, consistency and amount of your menses can vary from month-to-month.  Mittelschmerz is the pelvic cramping pain associated with ovulation.  


However, once a patient starts describing odor and pain out of ordinary, then I start worrying about sexually transmitted diseases leading to pelvic inflammatory disease and worse, eg tubo-ovarian abscess.   Best to go see your family physician for further evaluation.  Good luck!

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