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i have either swelling or fat above my collar bone and on the neck side?

Posted by Princess

On both sides of my neck-just above the collar bones I have a very visable swelling or fat deposit.  I have gained some weight lately, but I have never seen this "fat neck" on anyone else.
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I also have what they call fatty tumors on both sides of my neck.  They started about 10 years ago.  I had an MRI and they said that they were non cancerous tumors.  I cannot find a doctor that will remove them.  They all say that it is dangerous because of the location.  I hate them.  I am petite with this hugh neck.  I try hiding it which limits me to what I can wear.  It is very depressing.  I think they have gotten bigger and are still growing.  If anyone has had this same problem I would love to hear about it.
I have the same thing and have had numerous sonograms and things and they call them fatty deposits...even after weight loss though, they are bigger than ever and ugly. I asked a plastic surgeon about lipo and he seemed like it could be done. Why is the area so dangerous? Arteries?
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