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I have a vaginal discharge that won't go away and the doctor's push me off can you help me please?

Posted by concernedwoman

I have had a vaginal discharge since I was younger. It seems come and go but when it comes it flows as if I have peed myself. Sometimes it is white and odorless and leaves a white crusty texture in my underwear and other times it seems light greenish yellow and leaves a yellow crusty discharge. I seem to experience a dull lower back and pelvic pain all the time and pelvic pain during intercourse. I also experience a constant burning during urniation and in general when the discharge is present, also some outer itching. Sometimes my husband complains of burning sometimes as well. I have been to many OBs and STd offices and they test me for chlamydia, ganorrhea, syphillis, HIV, and yeast. They always say it's negative and send me on my way. I have been treated once for possible PID, yeast infection, BV, gardarnella, chlamydia and it seems to have no effect. When I was pregnant with my son 2 years ago, my OB treated me for chlamydia and BV because she saw the unusaul discharge and said it seemed weird to her. It seemed to have symptoms of these infections but at the same time did not, and the test came back negative, but she treated me anyways. Again, after finishing each of these treatments it came back. My mother has told me that a few years ago after I visited her, she was diagnosed with BV. Her doctor told her that she got it from washing her undergarments with mine. I do not know how accurate this is but it is what she has told me. Also, my mother told me that when I was 5 years old I had somehow gotten a green discharge and was treated for it. she never told me what it was that I was treated for, but again that is all she told me. I feel dirty and that something is not right. Could it be possible that I have had some type of infection/virus/bacteria for so long that it goes undetected now or that it is in my bloodstream and therefore simple treatments don't work? I am desperate to find out. Can you please help me or have any ideas/thoughts asa to what is going on with me? Thank you for your time and I look fowrard to your response.
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this iis happening to me, I was told to get rid of all my underware, because bacteria lingers in fibers , even if we wash them with detergent, scrub them by hand. My had a bad smell, but was white in color, but the smell was so bad in went threw my clothes, It smell like rotten dead rat. I VISITED EVERY DR. I could find, and to no avail. Finally i went online and I ran into a site, which i regret not saving. it had posts, one woman had the same symptoms like ours, she said she got some vaginal egg shaped medicine in a local grocery store,  she also posted that you can ask for it at any Dominican owned Bodegas, The catch they are illegal, they come from dominican Republic, so I got it used it and it went away, but then I took it to a Gyn Dr, who said its a great product its triple the dose of what the U.S. prescribes,and in the u.s. market that pill would cost about 20.00 bucks, I paid 1$ turned out I had a bacteria on the walls of my cervix, and was undetected. Hope this info works. tell your Dr. to test you for a cervical walls infection.
I just turned 18 and I've had this problem for a couple years, it scares me because I don't know what it is and I don't want to go to the doctor yet. I thought it was a yeast infection but its not. Please let me know if you find out what it is!
i have the same problem it even coused a miscarige and i still have the problem :? i dont know what else todo i did just got the dominican ovulos and i will post if sittuation change crossing my fingures bc i might be pregnant again and i want to try to be healthy enough for this baby to be ok :/ good luck anyone ...
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