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I have a pain on my right side beside my rib cage when I bend or sit, what could this be?

Posted by msellusion

I have had this pain for about a week now. When I bend over or sit, it feels like my ribs are pinching something in my belly. I dont have a gallbladder so I know that it isnt it. I have notice it when I am picking up something, seems to burn, but the sharp pain is when I bend over and squeeze my stomach or when I sit down and bend in the least little bit. I feels like it is right under my right side of ribs. I havent been sick with nausea, diarrhea, constipated or running a fever. I really dont want to have to go to the doctor for something that probably isnt anything. I have had pain here before a while back but it is different this time. Its more intense. They said that it was just scar tissue from my gallbladder surgery( 4 years ago) but now that it is different feeling this time I am wondering if they are just over looking something. I had ultrasound, blood work done when this came abouts the first time. Anyone else gone or going through this?
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