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I have a clear jelly like vaginal discharge, what could it be?

Posted by CAKES26

I came off the pill just over 2 months ago and have been sexually active in a hope to get pregnant.  I have however has a jelly like clear dourless vaginal discharge which is causing me some distress.  I am also getting abdominal pain.  Please can you advise.  Should I be worried, or is this normal for someone who has just come off of the pill.  I am 26 and have been on it for 8 years.  I am physically fit and train regularly.
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thank you for your speedy reply.  And hopefully what you have suggested is the problem is what is happening.  My abdominal pains are almost like period pains, of which I have not had forr a long time.  They seem more spreed out though, eg. the whole of my abdomen.  And I finsihed my last period on the 1st Dec and was due to start taking my pill on the 2nd.  But haven't.  The discharge and abdominal pains have been present for the past 3-4  days.

it is possible to see the answers? i have very similar simptoms (just off the pill, abdominal pains and jelly like discherge) and i would be interested to see the comments. 

thank you 

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