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I had a brown grainy discharge last night and woke up this morning to my period.... Is this normal and why does this happen?

Posted by youngandcofused25

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Hmmm . . . maybe & I don't know.  Not enough information.  I assume you're 25 based upon your name but you didn't describe your previous menstrual cycle.  For instance, is the about the right time for your regular/expected period?  Or was the timing off?  


Menstrual discharge can differ based upon the amount & flow.  Higher flow might appear more reddish while slower flow may appear more brownish since the iron in the blood has more time to get oxidized.


Other things your doctor will want to know about you are method of birth control and sexual activity.  For instance, what do you use to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?  Birth control pills can only prevent pregnancies while condoms (if used each & every time properly) can help decrease your risk for STIs.   You didn't mention whether you're in a mutually monogamous relationship or not but using a combination of hormonal birth control (pills vs patches vs shots) plus faithful use of condoms can help mnimize your risk for unintended pregnancy & STIs.


I mention all this stuff about STIs b/c that brownish grainy discharge might be a harbinger of an STI which could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which could then increase your risk for future infertility.  


My point is that you should probably check in w/your family physician.  Good luck! 

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