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I got a pink discharge and for three months now I've been having a yeast infection.. I'm PMSing now and i found pink secretion /

Posted by clytemnestra

NOW I'm new to this sex thingie I'm 21 and I've alwyas made out with my bf coz i thought im a virgin..however i found out accidently that I'm not a virgin, I dunno how that happened.. he was the first guy i get physical with

anyways 3 months ago I started getting white secretions that look like cottage cheese and I was sure it's yeast infection and I used everything but it doesn't go away and I can't have sex coz it hurts like hell...

Anyways I found light pink sercretion today and I freaked it just normal because I'm pmsing..and waiting for the period or could it be another infection ??/

I cant go to a doctor because I'm a muslim in a Islamic country :( plz help me

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