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i get hot sweats, dizziness and vomiting which can put me to bed for several days. Any idea what it could be? have been frequent

Posted by pixie

These symptons have been occuring sometimes weekly and i went for 10months after visiting NZ and using the thermal pools. Now they have returned over the past three months more or less every few days.  I have been to ear nose throat specialist and all is clear except for a nasal polop. I am 60 years 157 cm and weight 89 kgs.  I have type 2 diabities and use metforim for control.  I work all day at a computer and do not get much excerise.  I have had grandular fever symptons several times.  My glands often swell with the other problems.  Any idea as what it may be and what i could do to treat it.  I am a chronic travel sickness person and can't use planes without taking medication up to 24 hrs before and during long flights. I cannot even sit on a swing or find dancing makes me physically sick.  Could sleep apnea cause these symptons?  I am going for a sleep study in a few weeks time.  Thanks


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