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i finished my period on Aug. 12 & today i started bleeding again only 2 days after my period ended is this normal or might i be

Posted by Melanie03

i currently finished my period 2 days ago, this has never happened to me before, i can get spotting but only on my last day of period, today i went to the bathroom and noticed i was bleeding it wast a great quantity but it was still a lot, my period was a normal one like any other month so im a little worried that something might be wrong because for me it not normal might i be expecting? because the bleeding came after i was wearing a very tight skirt in the area of my uterus  and it was bothering me and then i noticed the bleeding after going to the bathroom
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Women are complicated creatures (at least from this male perspective).  Some have menses that are so regular, they can set a clock to it.  Others are so irregular that they've given up looking for any trend.  However, it's the changes that we're looking for to determine its causes. 


Could you be pregnant?  Sure, if you're young & healthy enough and engage in sex w/o using contraception.  If so, this spotting would be considered that of implantation although it seems a bit early given a perfectly normal period just 2 days prior. 


Could spotting be cancer?  Sure, if you're postmenopausal and haven't had a period in over a year and then start up again.


Could the bleeding be due to wearing a very tight skirt?  Unlikely.  But stress can affect your monthly cycle so if you were really worried about wearing the skirt or the occasion for which you choose to wear it, perhaps . . .


From the medical perspective, it's a bit too early for us to get excited about spotting unless you have pain, fever, sweats or chills, have painful urination, or are feeling faint & woozy from losing excess blood.  In the end, if this concerns you, I'd recommend you chat w/your family physician.  Good luck!

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