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I fell and I have had a very bad pain in the upper part of my arms and it's been here for weeks after the incident what should I

Posted by Maleah M. Facebook

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Time to go see your family doctor!  Any time you injure yourself and the pain won't go away after a reasonable period of time (you decide how much pain and how long is reasonable), it's time to get evaluated, especially if the injury impacts your function.  There's not much a physician can do over the Internet in such cases since that's where an xray is usually required to look for fracture and/or dislocation.  Your family physician can refer you for physical/occupational therapy once we're reassured that nothing is broken or out of place.  Certainly, injuries that involve bleeding, bones sticking thru skin, weakness of muscles, and/or numbness/tingling need to be evaluated emergently before a temporary injury develops permanent consequences.  


Two last thoughts, especially with regards to our older, geriatric population.  First, don't forget to figure out why someone fell in the first place.  This can be as simple as tripping or medication side effect or as scary as heart attack or stroke.  Second, get screened for osteoporosis and take appropriate measures to avoid fractures.


Good luck! 

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