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i feel that my face is puffy is it due to thyroid i have nodular colloid goiter or is it due to menopause

Posted by suja

i have nodular colloid goiter.i am not on any medication as my harmones levels are as follows T3-1.30 T4-68.90 TSH-0.69 .This was done in april. My uterus +my right ovaries was removed 9years because i had fibroids in uterus & cyst in my right ovary. Last year i underwent breast cyst surgery. I am 47years old. From past 3 months i have hot flushes & ifeel my hands & face are bloated. I have put on weight & am not able to reduce. I do exercise daily & i eat healthy. Do I need to check my harmones again. My cholesterol level is 212. HDL-81 LDL-120 VLDL-11.6. Triglycerides-76.8 mg/dl. I am on medication.
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