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i bleed during sex started happing 6 months ago now all the time i bleed during sexwhats wrong?

Posted by sunshine43440

I am 33 years old have had 3 babies my youngest is 2 i had iud put in after he was born . ive had a irregular pap smear so they did an biobsy that was normal and so now they did an ultra sound and they was normal so they r telling me maybe its my iud .  now ive had iud 2 years about and this problem been going on about 6 months till now it is everytime i have sex the blood is covered me him and the bed. i have done some reserch am wondering if it could be polyps or fibroid tummors. because i have no symtoms for anything else that would cause bleeding such as stds i dont have any problems like that .so if you can advice me would appricate it thanks.
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