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i bleed almost everyday of the year like from the 1st to end of month continually non stop . its not painful.

Posted by bekezela

i have been married for 8 years now and i have no children went for numerous test these said nothing was wrong with me and i have a problemm of bleeding i dont even know my days i am always wearing sanitary pads anytime is tea time. its not painfull at all . i could bleed foe three  to 4 months with clots in between. and stop for maybe 2 - 3 days in between those 3 - 4 days there will be clots like a clot for just an instant and it stops again . . i dont even know my cycle days. whats happenning to me i am scared i could be in serious trouble and not know. please help me  this is affecting my marriage and sex life too. i need help fast.
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