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I am very concerned, need help with weird occurrences with knot and bruising on lower portion of legs, please help?

Posted by ORauter

Over the past two weeks I have experienced two occasions where my lower leg would begin to itch and right away as I began to scratch area, I realized that there were large knots the size of golf balls in that area.  And by the next day I would have a huge bruise surrounding the area, the knot would decrease in size very slowly over a matter of a couple of days.  The area would go from itching to being very tender and sore.  Both occurrences have happened below my knees but on opposite legs.  And there has been no trauma to the spot along the lines of me bumping into something or hitting something, because the size of the knot and bruise that appears I would know if I hit something.  Please guide me in the right direction this has made me very nervous.  Thanks
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