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I am not writing to ask a question, but in the hope thst you'll post this information about treatment for vulvar vestibulitis.

Posted by erna

I had severe vulvar vetstibulitis that went undiagnosed for six months.  My symptoms mimicked a severe Urinary Tract Infection and were debilitating - imagine going for six months with a severe tooth ache, or a full blown migraine and you'll get the idea. Finally an experienced uro-gynicologist diagnosed it, in 10 seconds flat, by pressing a Q-Tip against the lower area of the vagina. I went through the roof.  The treatment was as simple as the diagnosis. A small amount of estrace cream - a.1% solution that can be made by a compounding pharmacist - on the tip of the finger applied to the effected area. The symptoms disappeared within a few days, and I now use the cream every second day to keep them under control. If you try this treatment and experience any itching or burning using the cream ask the your docotr to change the cream base. I found that a cream called dermabase worked for me but there are other choices, so make sure you ask. Hope this helps.
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