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I am nearly 4 weeks late and have constant spotting for 5 weeks, quantitative HCG from DR was neg, what does this mean?

Posted by RubiaPrincess

Hubby and I are currently TTC #4, and I have never really had problems with my cycle or getting pregnant before. All my kids are approx. 2 years apart - I nursed each baby for a year and had no period during that time, when my period returned I always got pregnant the first or second cycle. Stopped nursing nuber 3 in July and got my period back right away, though it was extremely heavily, during that time I though I might have gotten pregnant but wasn't sure if maybe I had a very early miscarriage but then my period started on time (28 days later) so I figured I hadn't been preg. That period started almost 8 weeks ago, I will be 4 weeks late in a few days - when I was 2 weeks late I went to the dr because HPTs were negative, but never got a pos. with number 3 either, and I thought I was pregnant. Dr did quantitative Beta HCG and I was told it was negative, though I still have not had a period and have been spotting (just a small amount when I wipe) for 5 weeks straight. What can this be or mean? I do not feel like it is caused by stress, diet or excersize. I really want to have  another baby - will this affect my chances?
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