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I am having vaginal odor and breast pain...I know im not pregnant bc i just had my period...whats wrong with me??

Posted by MissJazz

Basicly this is whats been going on. I started having a strange vaginal odor, It is not a good smell, sometimes it reminds of tuna and sometimes a uriney tunaish mix. I am also having breast pain, I did a self breast exam and did not find any lumps or anything suspicious. I know I am not pregnant because I just had my period. For 2 nights I had mild lower back pain such as what I have when I am on my period. My thoughts after doing a little research are that I could possibly have Bacterial Vaginosis or Pelvic Inflamitory but that doesnt solve the breast pain. I also went to the restroom earlier and felt a bump, I looked at it and it looks like a pimple on my upper vagina. there is only one and it is not a rash and my vaginal area looks and feels normal. I am not having any itching or burning and my vaginal area is normal color.  my mom is going to take me to the doctor but I just wanted to know if you had any thoughts.
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