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I am falling not plummeting ...

Posted Mar 01 2010 4:32pm
I am falling
not plummeting down
a long,
but through the sands of time,
slowly sinking feet to head,
being swallowed,
until I am gasping for breath.

I am falling
not tumbling over bumps
but through my inner darkened identity,
slowly stumbling mind to soul,
being erased,
until my Self is lost.

I am falling
not so others can pick me up
but because I cannot stop myself.

I am sinking
physically, emotionally,
losing myself in
this quicksand of struggle.

Where is my strength?
What is strength?
Is it continuing to fight,
to pull myself up
this fraying rope I refuse to release?

Or is true strength
to let my hands waver,
to close my eyes and fall
and wait for a hand.

Is real strength
to stop pretending,
to stop fighting,
to stop searching?
Is real strength
displaying your raw weakness?

I have been falling for years,
grabbing ropes and hands.
When does it stop?
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