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I am a 21 year old female that has been having pelvic pain for 3 years. What could be the cause of this pain?

Posted by slhona2

 The pain got so severe a couple of months ago that I ended up going to the emergency room! I went back to my gyno and she thought that I had endometrious, so she scheduled surgery back in April to be sure. It ended up that all of my pelvic organs were fine, no endo or anything, but my dr. did notice that my appendix was inflamed/abnormal so I had it taken out during that time. The pain went away for a little bit but now it is back in the lower right side of my abdomen and it gets worse/relates to my cycle. It is more of an achy/crampy pain now, but I am curious to what is causing it. I am also experiencing extreme fatigue, migranes(only related to my cycle), facial hair growth and some unexplained weight gain in the last year.
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Did they check to see if Medulla Oblongata is infected?
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