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Hurry up and wait

Posted Jun 08 2010 5:24pm
That was the name of the game. I was assigned to a preop c/section patient, who was scheduled for the day, but was bumped several times due to emergent c/sections. When I arrived, she was pretty much all prepped and ready to go, except for the few things we do within 30 minutes of the surgery (fluid bolus, sodium bicitrate, shave prep).

I'm telling you, to go from being able to prep a patient for a c/section in 5-10 minutes for a stat/urgent case (which I am exposed to more so by working the late night shift), to being able to have all of this time in the world to prep her........I was literally twiddling my thumbs BORED. I helped out with some transfers via wheelchairs and stretchers in the meanwhile. I even was able to take a dinner break! WOW! Something that rarely happens on my shift!

We finally get her back for her scheduled c/section, and the poor girl has a panic attack on the OR table. I think all of the waiting, then finally going to the OR really did a number on her mental status at that time. Baby was born, went off to the NICU (something we expected for this baby), and I recovered the mom in the PACU.

That day, it certainly felt like a "hurry up and wait" kind of shift.
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