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How Vecepia won Survivor

Posted Feb 02 2013 9:28am

Our office had a snow day yesterday, so we worked from home.  I'm not set up to work standing at home yet, so I sat on the couch.  And pissed the duxk out of my hips!

I tempt pain this way.  I think it is stubbornness.  "I should be able to do this, so I will."  I should be able to sit on the couch, sit to work, eat more than a touch of sugar.  So I will.

It got bad enough yesterday that I was spinning as I was trying to fall asleep.  But it wasn't my cooch itself that was so bad -- it was a donut-hole-sized spot of pain northeast of my tailbone.  I also had an eclair-sized swath of pain along the front panty line of my inner right hip.  And my right hip had started freaking out when I moved.

I forgot all this hip stuff when I filled out the survey for Dr. Howard .  It must not've been acting up -- probably because I had been standing at work and reclining at home.  So I will write the hip details up for him since I have trouble remembering everything in the presence of doctors.

I think the hip problems might be nerve problems.  But in November, my mom had a hip transplant after years of limping and pain due to arthritis.  I am too young for that, right?  An x-ray a couple years ago showed no arthritis, so I bet I am.  Right?

So I had this thought and I'm going to share it without looking it up.  Season 4 of Survivor, Vecepia won.  And after she did, she reported that she had changed her screensaver, or something, to something like "I will win Survivor.  I will win $1,000,000."  I can't stop my optimism right now, and I'm thinking that the thought patterns like the ones I'm having are how Vecepia won Survivor.
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