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How to Make the Most out of your Cardio Workout

Posted Jun 12 2009 6:42pm

You see it every day…the same people on the treadmill, day after day at the gym. Some stay on the treadmill for an hour, some two hours. You wonder how these people can stand this monotonous activity!

The truth is that these people are getting nothing accomplished, other than finishing the book or magazine they are reading.

Tip: Doing the same type and amount of cardio each day is doing nothing for your weight loss! Worse yet, when you take time off from this type of obsessive cardio, you will gain weight.

Make the most out of your time with these Dynamic Cardiovascular exercises that utilize the treadmill and your imagination! Warning: You may feel silly, and the other gym goers may look at you funny, but these Cardio techniques get results! As always, make sure you consult a Physician before embarking upon a new weight loss program or see a trainer like myself for assistance.

Example: Stop/Start Cardio- Try this technique to keep your body guessing as your Heart Rate rises and falls. Begin warming-up for 5-8 minutes at a moderate pace on the treadmill, no incline. Run for 3 minutes. Walk for 2 minutes. Repeat. Do this for a total of 30 minutes. Make sure you cool down for 5 minutes, slowing down as the time runs out. You will see how time flies while you are doing this dynamic, fun workout. This is a great way to get more out of your cardio!

More Dynamic Cardiovascular exercises on the Treadmill include the shuffle, the skip, and my favorite, the Chasse. For questions about these types of exercises or to book a session please visit my wesbite.

-Nikol Klein, CPT/SPN

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