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How to handle working, family life, and school

Posted Aug 14 2010 7:07pm
Some people wonder how I'm able to juggle everything: working full-time, family life, and midwifery school.

I suppose the fact that I like to be super-organized really helps! I keep two calenders: one on the fridge and a personal sized day planner. I put everything on both calenders - work hours, doctor appointments, family get-togethers, nights out with my girlfriends, scheduled phone conferences for school, due dates for school assignments. You name it, I put it on the calender/day planner. It is the only way that I am able to communicate to my entire family about what everyone is doing each day.

I keep a photocopy of the current work schedule for the entire unit in my day planner, just in case I need to call someone to make a swap of shifts if something comes up at home.

I have all of my bills organized on a chart next to my desk (which is at the center of all activity in the house). I can simply check off each bill as it gets paid, and see if there is anything else due at that moment. I also pay most of my bills online - so much easier!

For school work, I keep a file folder for each class. I have a checklist on the very front of each folder with all of the assignments and the due dates. I create this folder and document at the beginning of each term, so I stay organized and on track for each class. I started keeping a 3 ring binder for each class that has a lot of loose papers/notes that I need to keep organized. I also keep a file folder for each class on my computer, with tons more documents that I have saved for each class. (Just so you don't think I'm killing trees and printing out EVERYTHING!)

Study time is usually in the mornings/early afternoon, before I leave for work. Or I do several hours of studying on my days off of work. I've been known to bring textbooks to bed with me at night to do some more reading. Whenever I can get reading time in for school assignments, I do it! I always bring something to read to work and do that in down time, or over my dinner break. I have also been known to take a textbook with me when I go out to dinner or to a family gathering. Like I said - whenever I can get a free moment to read, my nose is in a book or in a journal article.

One place that is school free is when we go on a vacation. Vacation is just that: a break from the everyday world. No computer, no email, no schoolwork.

Some days I just wing it. Just so you don't think that I'm so totally structured ;-)
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