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How to Get Your Natural Desiccated Thyroid Drug Prescription Filled

Posted Aug 28 2009 7:13pm 1 Comment
I take two different thyroid medications----a compounded T3 preparation, and for my T4 thyroid hormone I take Levoxyl (and I take the brand name, I recently learned that for some people the brand name is preferable to the generic in terms of efficacy, and although it is a little more expensive----several dollars per month is all-----it's worth it). I've never taken Armour thyroid hormone, but a lot of people do, and there is widespread concern because there have been numerous problems with patients getting prescriptions filled. I asked my local pharmacist about it out of curiousity, and he just groaned and rolled his eyes-----said it was terrible having to send patients to another pharmacy because he couldn't fill all the orders coming in. Mary Shomon, who is a terrific resource to learn more about thyroid conditions, posted this article outlining tips to find ways to get your Armour prescription filled. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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 Some very good points.  I test and manage many patients with natural bio-identical thyroid compounded at reliable compounding pharmacies.  With the difficulty in obtaining Armour I have been switching people to bioidenticals.  For more information on my practice and services visit:


JP Saleeby, MD

(800) 965-8482

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