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How NOT to look or act OLD! Lesson one!

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:00pm
Wow did an article of a similar name catch my attention recently. And what was surprising, it discussed things I had not thought of. But it did give me some things to ponder (as I age, gracefully).

The first lesson, or point made in the article was, ditch the watches! Boy, that was a blow, just like I like shoes, I also like watches. To me they are just an accessory, or jewelry item. But, to the young, that is old. In fact, my husband, who doesn't even try and seem hip, does not wear a watch. That really burns me to think, he is hip! The magazine item pointed out, that young people do not wear watches, they use their cell phones to tell time. And, that is just what my husband says he does.

BUT! I have a few problems with this. Don't get me wrong. I want to be hip and not appear old, or old fashioned. But I see some flaws in this reasoning.

First of all, what about all those gorgeous watches in the stores!!! Ohhhh, so many, and all so cute. So what, if the face may be too small or ornate that you cannot really glance down and tell the time. Especially if you don't have on those bifocals. But, like I said, they are an accessory, an item to balance out the outfit and the two wrists. If I ditch the watches, I will have to start doubling up on bracelets for my outfits etc. Ahhh, the issues we deal with. And, who is going to tell all the stores. I don't know if you have noticed, but walk in any store, Macy's, Steinmart, etc, and they have tons of watches. Hmmmm, see a bargain opportunity here.

Second, I have a problem with the younger generation, as well as the older like my husband, constantly having their nose in their phone, or to their ear, whatever! It seems they rely on their cell phones for far too much. You can casually glance at your watch to see what time it is and many times go un -noticed. But how can you pull out your phone, check the time and go un -noticed? I say not many. There are times when you are talking with someone, etc, and you need to check the time but you do not want to offend them or stop the flow of the conversation. Flipping out your phone and checking the time during a conversation, to me, says you are not that interested.

Third, the article went on to say you must flip your phone open with one hand, and check the time without your bifocals. O.k., this could help with hand exercise for stiff joints, but bringing out the bifocals may just bring more attention to yourself and your age then a watch may.

Oh, well, I am going to continue to wear my pretty watches. But I have to admit, many times as I put one on I have thought of this article. And I do use my cell phone for my alarm clock when traveling and have used it to verify the time. So in this category I will judge myself hip or not acting totally old! This is one I am going to do a check-in with my daughters and her friends the next time they are around.

Signing off, my computer clock is reminding me I need to get to a meeting!
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