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How NOT to look Old, Lesson Three ...

Posted Jan 05 2010 3:33pm
As I savored those last few days of the holidays (like eating the last of the dips, cheese balls and other fattening items without guilt) I contemplated my New Year's plan for me, etc. I was thinking of all the things I should be putting on my "to do" list and of course thought of items I may write about on this blog.

I am continuously thinking about that article I mentioned I read about How NOT to look old and starting thinking of some of my rules or thoughts. The article focused on the young generation today and what they do, and how what we do seems "OLD" fashioned etc. But you know, I think one great way NOT to appear old is to be healthy. Those I know who look better than their age, look great etc, are typically very healthy. They eat right, exercise and take good care of them self. The return benefit is you don't look old, but great. Just look at some of the people who have succeeded in the Biggest Loser. They look so great as they take on a healthy lifestyle, lose weight etc.

So, my resolution as I start of new year, is to live healthy. In turn, I plan to look better too. I just purchased a Wii, and boy is that a work out. I am so competitive, just one more time! on that thing and before I know it I have been working out with my Wii and it is two hours later! I love it.

You know, being healthy can also save you money. Save you money on doctor bills, drugs etc. Taking pills for your ailments is not healthy, living a lifestyle that will eliminate them is.

So, let's outlive those smart ass young people walking around with their electronics, I say we spend their inheritance and enjoy life!!!! (My husband doesn't like that attitude, he likes the healthy one, but not the spending one!) Have fun, live life to its fullest! Be healthy this new year. Happy and Powerful 2010 to everyone!
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