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How Much Is Breast Augmentation in Manhattan

Posted Jul 15 2013 10:10am

If you are interested in breast augmentation, there would definitely arise a question regarding the cost of the procedure. There may be considerable variation in the price of this procedure from one plastic surgery facility to another. The factors that influence the cost of this breast surgery are the location, the surgery related expenses such as anesthesia and the fees of the surgeon.

Cosmetic Breast Enlargement Cost – Deciding Factors

The overall cost of breast surgery in Manhattan includes various expenses such as:

>> Surgical facility or hospital fees
>> Anesthesia fees
>> Medicine prescriptions
>> Garments post-surgery
>> Medical tests
>> Miscellaneous costs

While estimating the cost of this surgery, you need to consider all these factors. The surgeon should be asked whether the estimate includes all these costs. Since there are no set costs for the expenses, exploring various options is important. This is possible if you meet different surgeons and get the estimates. The total expense involved should not only include the fees of the surgeon but also other expenses related to surgery.  The cost of the surgery may also vary as per the experience of the surgeon. The location where you are getting the surgery done will also have an impact on the fees as the demand varies from city to city. Check out some surgeon cost questionnaires that will help you ask the right questions to your plastic surgeon and ensure that there are no financial surprises later on.

Cost of Saline and Silicone Implants

While taking into consideration the cost of saline and silicone implants, think about the feel and look that you wish to achieve. If you are looking for a natural feel and look, you would want a softer substance. Silicone gel implants are definitely the best. They provide the natural look and feel, resembling the breast tissue. In saline implants, salt water solution is filled. The costs associated with both the types should be discussed in advance with the surgeon.

What Are the Financing Options Available?

Financing options are available for those patients who find it difficult to pay for the procedure. With financing the initial surgery cost can be cut down and payments within the budget can be made. There are some financing options with low interest rates.

Breast augmentation is provided at select plastic surgery facilities in Manhattan by reputable plastic surgeons. Breast enlargement can be done via the new fat transfer method also, apart from augmentation via implants. When considering this breast surgery, discuss both options with your surgeon.

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