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how long implantation bleeding last

Posted by Lucky

i had an sex with my boy friend and i am having periods on expected day but the bleeding is not normal like usual period is it implantation. my bleeding is dark and appear like clotted together. is this due to sperms that enterd my body and now coming out with period blood or is it implantation. also i had i pill after sex. tell me what is this?
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Bleeding ascribed to implantation is usually described as (unexpected) spotting.  The color and appearance of your menses has more to do with how much time it took your lining to leave your uterus.  Usually heavy quick flow is brighter red in nature & slower flow is darker.  This is regardless of implantation.  The color & appearance can vary from month to month or it can be very consistent.  It all depends upon your physiology.


As for having a pill after sex, I have no idea what pill you took, so I can't tell you what it is/was.  To be absolutely sure, you need to get evaluated by your family physician.  Good luck!


PS  If you don't want to get pregnant, then be sure to use at least two forms of contraception, at least one of which should include the ability to decrease risk for sexually transmitted diseases, eg condoms.

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