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How I Came Back From Flare Hell

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:42pm

I’m finally back from my hiatus and boy do I have a lot to catch y’all up on! The past two months have been extremely eventful—pelvic floor wise. Where to begin? Well, about two months ago I came down with a terrible bladder infection—ouchie! The pain from the infection along with a few other factors, a long car trip, a major book project, etc. sent me into the worst flare I’ve had in all the time I’ve been dealing with my pelvic issue. It was one of those flares where you feel like there’s a four-alarm-fire flare. It might have been the worst condition I’ve been in since this whole deal started. Even walking hurt. Constant icing became necessary. All of the typical tricks that normally get me out of a flared state didn’t seem to be working. For nearly two weeks I was down for the count. As I began to slowly feel better, I decided it was necessary to take a hiatus from the blog. I only had enough of a “sitting window” to work on the stuff that paid the bills. Plus, in addition to getting back to a state where I felt my pain was under control, I decided it was time to reassess my strategy. The flare did more than fire up my pelvic floor, it fired up my resolve to lick this pelvic pain thing once and for all. Sure I was going to PT once a week, taking my pain meds every day, self-treating, icing and taking various supplements, but I decided it was time to go above and beyond what I was already doing. My PT agreed. So we put our heads together to come up with a plan. The plan consisted of botox injections (an idea I had been entertaining for some time), acupuncture, a second look at the meds I was taking for nerve pain, an physical therapy boot camp. For two weeks I would get a room next to UCI Medical Center, which is where both my doc and PT practice, so I could bypass the three-hour round trip and have PT three times a week. Well, the strategy was a huge success! Not only am I out of my hellish flared state, I feel better than I have for three years! In the next handful of posts, I’m going to share the details of each of the components of my ramped up strategy, in addition to unveiling a wonderful remedy I found during my blogging hiatus that has given me a great deal of relief from the constant urethral burning that has been one of the most difficult and painful symptoms of my PFD. So please tune in over the next few days!

Until soon,
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