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How does a Miscarriage or Abortion affect the energy field? How do I recover?

Posted Sep 27 2009 6:56am

Hi K.C,
I have a problem that I cannot describe. I recently had a miscarriage (was pregnant 4 months), and even though I have recovered emotionally and don't feel low about myself anymore or hopeless for the future, my body doesn't seem to be the same anymore. I have trouble sleeping, toss and turn all night. This is driving my husband crazy and he doesn't get any sleep either. I feel lumpy all over and never comfortable anywhere. I cannot stand airy or open places and wait desperately to get back home. These are just some of the weird things happening to me. I feel confused about what I want to eat, and what I want to do next and keep changing my mind about little things.
We are trying to get pregnant again and my feeling so strange all the time isn't helping. Do you think this is something happening in my energy field? Any information at all would be appreciated,

Dear G,

Whenever a woman gets pregnant, the energy field begins to change the way it flows to allow for a new energy field to develop within (the baby's). It begins to get denser at the edges and lighter in the middle. This new pattern makes the woman feel like she's expanded in all directions even though its only the abdominal area that's actually growing that dramatically.

When the pregnancy gets terminated, it is an unnatural event and the energy field takes a while to come back to its pre-pregnancy pattern. During this adjustment stage, the woman feels like there's air in the middle of her and she could tip over in any direction because of this space. This is because the baby's energy field which had filled that space isn't there anymore. If the baby had been given birth to, she would have gone through the experience of the energy field moving down and out.

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