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How do you know if you will be happy with laser vision correction?

Posted Nov 21 2009 8:27pm

If you are the kind of person who is extremely difficult to satisfy, who demands absolute perfection, and who gets easily flustered with even the slightest delay, then LASIK may not be your best option.  If on the other hand, you are looking for a substantial improvement in your vision to improve your quality of life which you overall find satisfactory except for the problems associated with glasses or contact lenses, then you are probably a good LASIK candidate.  If you meet this test, then the next step is to find your best option for obtaining your vision improvement.  To be happy with LASIK you must believe that you made a reasoned choice in LASIK providers.   Most importantly, try to find a good referral source to a doctor beyond advertising or price considerations as the sole determinant.


I would recommend that you go by either word of mouth referrals, by those of your primary eye doctor, and/or by the information that you learn reading on the Internet and elsewhere.   There are organizations such as Trusted LASIK Surgeons, who can recommend a qualified doctor in your area.  Find out if you are a good medical candidate for LASIK but also ask yourself if you are a good psychological candidate for this procedure.  Remember that it may take a few months to get to the final result and there may be some dry eye, or rarely the need for another procedure.  If you are totally happy with your vision in contacts, with glasses, or with nothing, do not seek out LASIK.  If you have more significant vision impairment where you can barely see the big E on the eye chart or worse, your chances of happiness are greatest.  Have a consultation to determine your medical candidacy, and then allow yourself some time to think about this important decision.  Be sure that all of your questions are answered by qualified people.


Finally, pick a doctor or a team of doctors whom you trust, and feel comfortable with.  Your doctor should make you feel somewhat reassured, but be wary of anyone who is glib or too reassuring.  Be willing to travel to the person whom you believe is the best for your eyes, since you will hopefully only need to make this trip once, it seems silly to pick where to have LASIK based solely on convenience.  Pick a doctor you believe will act in your best interest and then trust them to make the best decisions for you.  When you have your procedure, follow their instructions to the best of your ability.  And enjoy this amazing technological marvel that has only been available for such a short time in the history of mankind.  A lifetime of blurry vision can be lifted from your eyes in an amazing process called LASIK vision correction.
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