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How do I stop the smell of fish in my urine after eating seafood?

Posted by sayhen

When ever I eat seafood, I notice a fish smell in my urine.  I even gave up seafood for over 6 months just to make sure seafood was the culprit.  I didn't have a single problem during the whole 6 month period.  Then I decided to eat a whaler from Burger King and the next day, there was the odor when I urinated.  There was no burning, itching or discharge involved.  As a matter of fact, I never have itching or burning in that area.  The only problem I have is the fishy smell for about 2 to 3 days after consuming seafood when I urinate.  I am a very clean person, and therefore, know it is not due to a need for more showers and/or bathing.  I am 56 years old and never had a problem like this before.  I know some will see I may have some type of vaginal infection, but I know that is not the case.  If I gave up seafood, then I would never be borthered by this again, however, I love seafood.  I just wanted to see if there was something that I can eat or drink before or after consuming seafood that would neutralize the smell of the fish.  I know 2 or 3 days doesn't sound like a long time, but it seems like a lifetime to me.  And please, no criticism nor nasty comments concerning cleanliness or a lack thereof.  I've raised 2 children (one  has finished college and one who is about to go to college this fall.)  I am a widow and have not been intimate with a man since my husband's death in 2006.  I had a hysteretomy in 2004.   I alway have my physicals.  So please respond with the respect that this question deserves.  Thank you.    
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I have the same problem, as do my mom and sisters!  And my dad is a Urologist!  The fresher the seafood, the less the odor in my urine.  I drink tons of water, but I read that whatever it is that makes fish smell, is what I cannot digest, and so it passes out through my urine.  I heard that drinking citrus or cranberry after eating fish/seafood will help, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.  There is also a disorder called, 

Trimethylaminuria, that you might look up as well.  

Good luck!
My grandma told me when I was little that eating fish made your urine smell. I have always found that to be quite true. So you mean not everyone has smelly urine after eating fish?

I don't know how to prevent the smell, but once I notice it I bathe with baking soda to get rid of the odor.  I just add it to the soap that's on my wash cloth.  It's worked well for me.

I just read on another site that the smell isn't coming from your urine, it is coming from sweat.  And this makes more sense to me, since I am a sufferer of this same thing.  There is a difference.  For example, when I eat asparagus (as with many other people I have talked to), my urine will smell like asparagus for a day or so.  But when I eat fish, I can take a shower, and within a few hours afterwards when I am still fully clothed, I will smell a fishy smell.  I will go wash up down there again, and within a few hours it will smell fishy once again.  It's not when I am urinating that I am noticing this though... it's anytime.  I know that some foods that you eat will effect the way your sweat smells, like onions or garlic or curry.  Why wouldn't fish do the same thing?  It is a strong odor just as the others are.  Also, when you think about it, your crotch area doesn't get a lot of "fresh air".  It's like an armpit.  I am a large woman, so this also contributes to more sweating down there.  My advice is to maybe buy some of those baby wipes and keep them in the bathroom so every few hours you can go in and wipe yourself clean for the couple days that you smell like fish.  It's a nuisance, but if you enjoy eating fish, it's well worth it.  Wear cotton lined panties also.  This will help you not to sweat so often.  You could also use an anti-perspirant stick and rub it around in that area, especially where the leg meets the body.  Do not put it inside the vagina.  (I know, this sounds stupid to state this, but there are those who might just try doing it)  :)

 I hope some of these ideas help. 

Over the past few months, I'd begun noticing a strange smell in my nostrils.  It would happen for 2 or 3 days and then mysteriously disappear as quickly as it came.  Then several weeks later, I'd be like, "Oh, no.  Here it comes again."

Like patti said, it seemed to be not just when I peed, but it seemed to surround me, like it was coming out of my very pores.  I couldn't escape it and it affected how other foods tasted for a few days.  Like you, sayhen, I'm a woman in my 50s, who bathes regularly, and has had a hysterectomy.

It was only this week that I finally figured out that it only happens after I eat fish.  I had been worried that perhaps I had an infection, or there was something wrong with my liver or kidneys.  Now I don't think it's anything dangerous.

But like frenchbelle said, perhaps it's something in the fish that we've lost the ability to digest, just like some people develop a lactose intolerance as they age.  Maybe it will take some personal investigating on our parts to determine which foods cause it.  Does it only happen if we eat cheap fish?  Is it better when we stick with really fresh fish?

Then we can determine which foods we can eat without this happening.

I too had that same problem and couldn't figure out what the issue was. I tried drinking water but that didn't help. However, I've since learned that drinking cranberry juice did the trick. The smell was gone immediately. I tested it several times just to be sure. Ive also tried V8 fusion and that worked as well what I can gather is that the ph of the vagina is off and the juices balance it back out. Hope this helps you too, I LOVE fish but hated the smelly consequence of eating  it! :-) 

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