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How do I get my doctors to realize that the pharmacutical test for normal thyroid function needs to be changed?

Posted by Kathy T. Facebook

I have been to many doctors in the last three years, since my whole body started going burserk! Why do they think that when they send blood in for thyroid tests that it is written in blood that a person who falls within the numbers for the minimums and maximums for those tests is in his norm???Seems like it doesn't matter how many symptoms of hypothyroidism you have or how bad they are, as long as your tests are in the norm, nothing more can be done, that it is all in your head???  Do they not think that for some people those numbers are incorrect and not telling the true story when trying to diagnose hypothyroidism??

That is their thinking even as the symptoms I have are becoming more pronounced... and my health seems to spiral down!!! I don't have a life any more! I don't have the drive to do hardly anything....I am suffering, my family has suffered and my home has suffered...... 

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