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How can anyone be anyone be in a bad mood when listening to Christmas Music?

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:57pm
I don’t know about you, but now is the time of year when I am in my car that I either pop in a Christmas CD in my car stereo or tune the radio to a channel that plays non-stop Christmas music. As I was driving around the other day running some errands, I was listening to one of my favorite Christmas CDs. Several cars were slow in moving on when the light turned green and there was a couple times some drivers almost cut me off or I observed something they did that was not too smart. But I realized, as I listened to that beautiful music, there was no way I could get upset. After all, how can you flip someone the bird or honk your horn in frustration when you are listening to Josh Groban sing “ Thankful “ or Martina McBride sing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year …”. I realized it is impossible -for me it is.

So, I had a thought the other day, perhaps if we all listened to Christmas music all the time, instead of “My sweetheart broke my heart and my dog died” type stuff, and we listened to music that speaks of love, family and giving selflessly to others we would all have a much better day. What a novel thought, huh! Listen to music that puts you in a good mood, or a sentimental mood, or a mood that makes you want to do something nice for someone! I love it.

I know, I know, my sensible friends are saying, “well, you can’t do that, everyone will get sick of that stuff, etc.” But you have to agree, it is a thought that has merit. Everyone wants to dwell on what terrible things might happen, but you know me, I want to look for the bright side or the positive that may happen. I have a motivational tape that talks about your control over your mood. At one point the speaker tell everyone to stand up straight and put a big smile on your face. He says “now don’t stop smiling, but at the same time I want you to try and be angry, try and think frustrating thoughts and get upset. The speaker went on to say, “it is difficult to be angry or get upset when you place yourself in a position of being happy, being positive etc.” That is the same with listening to this type music. Instead of listening to the news (and that is always depressing) or listening to broken heart type songs, listen to something that makes you feel good.

I have a little plague I purchased years ago, although it is a Christmas item, I leave it on my buffet or bookcase year-round, the verse on the plague goes like this –

“Every time a hand reaches out to help another …. That is Christmas.
Every time someone puts anger aside and strives for understanding … that is Christmas.
Every time people forget their differences and realize their love for each other …that is Christmas.

Everyday can be Christmas. Keep the spirit all year long, happy holidays. Be safe.
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