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Homemake Your Household: DIY Glass Cleaner

Posted Jul 11 2013 8:00am

DIY glass cleaner Welcome to homemake your household!  Green and natural household cleaners can get mightily expensive – but it’s super easy to make your own natural cleansers and household products at home with basic and readily available ingredients.  I see their Windex and I raise them some lemon juice.

When I think about my taste in television, the words trashy, vampires, and would a 13 year old girl like it come to mind.  The latest show to enter my portfolio:   The Only Way Is Essex .  Think The Hills meets The Jersey Shore meets British accents that are sometimes difficult to understand.  Don’t get me wrong – the show is terrible.  But it makes no apologies for being a series of fake set ups for us to watch – and it’s oddly addictive.  I can’t look away.  Curse you Hulu.

One of the characters has a beloved grandmother on the show who is always cooking, cleaning, and sharing her wisdom with her overly tan, not too bright grandchildren.  And in the last episode I saw, Nanny Pat spoke to me.  “You know what the best way to clean glass is?” she said, “vinegar and water.”

Until recently, I was still using commercial glass cleaner for my mirrors and windows.  Before I started going au naturelle in the cleaning department, I had purchased an extra large bottle of the curious blue liquid and hadn’t parted with it because it felt wasteful.  But because I now clean with things like apple cider vinegar and baking soda, when I used the glass cleaner, the smell was incredibly overwhelming.  I wasn’t used to the chemical fragrance smell anymore.  Nanny Pat to the rescue.

You Will Need:

  • 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water
  • printed adhesive label (I used  Avery 8160  cut down to size with Colonna MT font)
  • glass bottle with spray nozzle  (I use small bottles because I like to make small batches of cleaning product).

Mix the vinegar and water into the spray bottle.  Clean any glass surface with the vinegar water mixture and a clean rag.




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