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High Blood Platelet Count

Posted by sayujsmenon

My kid sister has a blood platelet count of 3066.0 K/uL

Her Hemoglobin count is 13g/dl

I can also mail or attach the detailed report if required!

She is only 22 years old


After a lot of tests and check ups, a sample of her blood has been send for BCR ABL.

Pneumonia was negative

Typhoid was negative

Can this be also due to Hepatitis C ?

Or can the count go so high if she is carrying microbes which are dormant?

What other possibilities have to be checked / looked for ?



She has just started (Since Tuesday, June 22, 2009):-

Hondrea 500 mg Cap  Genric Name:Hydroxyurea 

Zyloric 100 mg TabGenric Name:Allopurinol 

Escoprin 150mg Tab (Delayed Release) (Aspirin)





She is otherwise normal and her tests have no signs of Spleen Enlargement!

There are virtually no symptoms or ailments.

The high platelet count itself was discovered accidentally during a general checkup.


I am desperate in knowing what are the chances it is not "ONCO". What other tests/ treatments/ cure can be suggested?

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