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Hi, I have what I would consider to be a cold, with one weird symptom. My right breast is a little swollen, near my underarm.

Posted by lindsayanne

My right breast has become a little swollen and itchy, noticeably larger than the left. My left ear feels a lot of pressure on it, and I have a lot of phlegm in my throat at the moment. I am really tired, and I have experienced hot flashes and nausea. Any idea what gives? Decongestants work for a few hours, but this has been going on for days. Will this pass or do I need a doctor?
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Most of your symptoms do sound like a common cold. The swelling, if near your underam as you say, could be from an inflammed/blocked lymph gland - although with an upper respiratory infection, it is more commonly the lymph glands around the neck that are affected. If it doesn't improve soon, a doctor's visit may be in order. Meanwhile, you could try a warm castor oil compress over the swollen area.
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