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Hernias in Women

Posted Jan 15 2013 4:41am

Because hernias are most common in men, women are often misdiagnosed while suffering from the condition. Since hernias only occur in about %8 of women, it is easy to overlook the possibility that a female could have the condition. In spite of the statistics, women are still susceptible to hernias and should be aware of hernia symptoms in case one should occur. There are great medical centers with hernia specialists located in Los Angeles to meet your needs. To know more  click here.   


                A hernia occurs when an organ, such as the intestines, pokes through a weakening or tear that has developed along the abdominal wall. While the hernia is usually visible in men as a protrusion under the skin, women mostly suffer from small internal hernias that are difficult to detect from the outside. This condition found in women is called a hidden abdominal hernia. A family history of hernias may contribute to a higher chance of developing the condition. It is also very important to maintain a healthy weight and cease smoking. Blood flow to the abdominal area is actually decreased by smoking, which can lead to a weakening of the tissue.

                Unlike hernias found in men, women are usually afflicted with an internal hernia, which is far more difficult to see and diagnose. Since the condition most often occurs in men, doctors often overlook the possibility of a hernia while examining female patients. The physician may mistake the hernia for some type of other condition, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, or complications of past surgeries, all of which share symptoms similar to those found in a hernia diagnoses.

                Unfortunately, women will often be told they need to undergo surgeries for conditions they may or may not have, since the symptoms do not immediately indicate the presence of a hernia. It will often take several different surgeries (reported to be around four) before the real source of pain is recognized. It is important to understand, for both doctors and their patients, that a hernia in women is a possibility and should not be ignored. Once a hernia is diagnosed, the surgery and recovery time are very easy with no expected difficulties.

                The smaller the hole that occurs in the abdominal wall, which produces far more pain, the harder it is to diagnose. It is also difficult to diagnose a hernia in women if they are lying down on the examination table, as it causes the hernia to recede back into the abdomen, so it is better if the patient stands during the examination. Such standing examinations, an MRI, a vaginal exam, and a thorough history of the patient are usually the best methods of discovering a hernia in women.

                Once the hernia is diagnosed, the patient will undergo a hernia repair surgery, which is efficient, does not take long, and is not overly invasive. The patient is usually sent home in the same day not long after the surgery.

                Even though it is usually regarded as a disease in males, female patients and doctors should rule the condition out as a possibility while experiencing hernia-related symptoms. The sooner the correct diagnosis is made, the sooner the patient can return to her daily way of life. For more details.  Click here.

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