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Here's an adventure you may want to check out!

Posted Jul 05 2009 9:19pm
I just love my friends. Most never take "no" for an answer, are are always up for a challenge and are such inspirations to many.

That's my friend Carol Dawson. She is always fighting a cause, or looking for a new adventure or just living life to its fullest. That, among many other things, is why I like her and consider her such a good friend.

Earlier this year she told me about an adventure she and her husband are undertaking. Two years ago the city of Louisville, Kentucky, hosted the Summer National Senior Games/Olympics. She and her husband, Ken, had a friend who played volleyball during that event. After seeing the competition and the fun, she stated to Ken, "we are going to qualify for something for the next Senior Games".

Well, two years later, she and Ken, after much trial and error and hard work, qualified and are headed out to the 2009 Summer National Senior Games. They will be competing in the Badminton Division. All I have to say is, "you go girl". That is what I like about Carol, she never let others discourage her from doing something.

I have told others about what she and Ken are doing, and many first reacted very negatively. But, as I typically do, I set the record straight as to just what is so cool about what they are doing.

You can follow Carol and Ken and all their adventures on her BLOG. Oh, did I tell you, not only are they competing in the Senior Games in California later this summer, but they are traveling via RV from Jeffersonville, IN, out to the Games on a once in a life time cross country trip?

So, to hear about the adventures they encounter on the trip, to include the trials and challenges with the RV, not to mention all the sights along the way, you will want to check her BLOG.

Carol is an excellent writer. In fact, among all the other things she does, she is a writer for a local newspaper in Indiana. Check out her BLOG and learn more about Carol and Ken and the adventures they encounter on this trip. I think you will be glad you did.

Happy Travels Carol and Ken, and Best of Luck at the Olympics!
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