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Hemoglobin Calculator for Diagnosis of Anemia

Posted by Meilier

  Hemoglobin Calculator

The calculator permits the user to determine the hemoglobin level for diagnosis of anemia, it can also convert hemoglobin (Hgb) between different measurement, such as g/dl, g/L and mmol/L.


What is anemia?  

When the blood does not have enough hemoglobin, a protein found inside red blood cells (RBCs), your blood does not carry enough oxygen to the rest of your body,  Anemia occurs. Anemia can make you feel cold, weak, dizzy and irritable.

Causes of Anemia

do not have adequate iron
an impaired ability of the digestive tract to absorb the B12
blood loss are at risk of developing iron deficiency, such as women blood loss during menstruation, people with ongoing gastrointestinal blood loss,etc
medications cause anemic
some types of anemia are due to inherited or genetic defects 

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Signs and symptoms of amenia include fatigue, pallor, irritability, loss of appetite, headaches, soreness in the mouth, chest pain, and breathlessness.

Eating foods that contain adequate, easily absorbed sources of iron may be the best insurance policy for amenia prevention. A balanced diet that provides the Recommended Daily Allowed of iron is generally sufficient to guard against anemia. Certain chemicals interfere with iron absorption, for example, tannin in tea, polyphenols in coffee, and cadmium in cigarettes. Other important nutrients are folic acid, used by bone marrow to produce blood, and vitamin B12.

In addition to iron supplements, recommendations may include iron salts, copper, and vitamins B6, B12, and C. Iron overload can cause diabetes and other medical problems, so therapy should be monitored carefully.

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