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Hello, I have severe middle back pain, vomiting with blood, severe headache and weakness

Posted by tcollins1052002

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I know you're looking for help online but I think it's time for you to go see your family physician w/the above complaints.  Back pain w/vomiting blood, headaches & weakness is not something to treat w/stuff in the medicine cabinet.  You didn't mention your age, pregnancy status (yes/no), how long this has been going on, what other medical/surgical issues you have, and what medications you're taking (or are allergic to).  These are all things that physicians need to ask & know about you in order to really be able to help you.

Pneumonia can cause back pain.  Plus anyone who coughs hard enough can throw up and break a blood vessel in the throat/breathing tube and see blood in her phlegm & vomitus.  If there's enough bleeding, you can feel weak from anemia, especially if this coincides w/your menses.  

If you've been traveling in a car/bus/airplane for a long period of time or just recovered from an operation, you might have a clot in your leg (DVT) that breaks lose and travels to your lungs (back pain) and causes vomiting blood (from coughing - see above) but this is typically associated w/chest pain & shortness of breath (think Serena Williams).

Stress can cause muscle tension leading to back pain & headaches.  But this usually shouldn't cause vomiting w/blood (unless you're really stressed?), unless you broke a blood vessel as mentioned above.

Of course, if think of John Ritter, and depending upon your age, an aortic aneurysm could erode and cause back pain & vomiting blood w/weakness from loss of blood.  But in that case, it's doubtful you'd be typing your question and waiting for an answer.  I'm not sure how a headache would fit into this scenario anyway.

As physicians, we are trained to look for a single answer that explains everything, rather than searching for several different solutions, one to account for each symptom/complaint.  

I mentioned in a recent post that vomting blood could stomach & esophageal (swallowing tube) ulcers can cause blood in vomit.  But so can bloody noses, too!  

Weakness could be from loss of blood, which is never a good thing.  So could the headache.  For those who like to think worst case scenarios, some cancers can spread to the bones & brain, leading to back pain & headaches along w/weakness.

Having thought about all this, my conclusion remains the same.  It's time to go see your family physician.  Don't wait!  Good luck! 

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