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Hello, I have a variety of symptoms including vertigo (not positional), fatigue, acne, eczema, and feel foggy in the head. Do y

Posted by SweetieStarr

To elaborate, the vertigo is the room-spinning type.  I have been tested for BPPV and do not have it.  The vertigo often occurs around my period.  I am almost always tired or lethargic, I sleep about 10 hours a night, I have acne on my chin, eczema/dry skin patches on my hips, feel foggy in my head, and often worry about unneccessary things and stress out about them.

 I eat very healthy - fresh veggies and fruits (mostly organic), whole grains, lean proteins and healthy oils like olive oil.  I follow low-sodium, low sugar, no caffeine, no alchohol and no chocolate, which is what one doctor put me on for vertigo.

 I exercise a little, but not much since I often feel yucky or tired.

I've been to several doctors who don't know what to do for me.  I've been offered diuretics (made me feel weak and light headed), and birth control pills (which I didn't take).  No one knows what is wrong with me.  Please help!

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